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Is cash still king? Not anymore

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The days of our parents teaching us the value of money has changed dramatically.

We are now very much a cashless society and it's evident in today's retail world.

We must carry the plastic card or mobile phone or we will become extinct.

I recently visited a cafe in the city. Standard things were in order, Coffee Machine, staff, customers, ambience and good coffee.

After ordering my coffee, the lady that took my order asked me if I had a card? At first I thought she meant a "loyalty card". Being the first time I visited this cafe, I replied, "No"

She then proceeded to tell me that they don't accept cash just card. I was briefly in shock but then realised that I am either becoming prehistoric or the future is now too futuristic.

Will it be that soon we will be sending our drones to pick up our morning coffee paid for in advance by card or app?

Watch this space......

Cashless Coffee

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